ARSAG 2017

Draft agenda as of 18 March, 2017. Subject to change.


Dates: 25 - 27 April 2017



Associated Key Meetings

 ARSAG 2017 - Important Dates

NATO AARWG meeting, 23 April 0800


Steering Group Meeting, 23 April 1430


Workshop / JSB, 24 April 0800


Briefers’ Meeting, 24 April 1715

Hotel Information

 ARSAG 2017 - DAY  1, Tuesday, 25 April

0700    Registration, Check-In, Badging      Ballroom Foyer


0700    Exhibits Grand Opening, Ballroom A/B Coffee, Networking


Plenary Session Convenes  Ballroom C/D


0800    Introductions                Lt Gen John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                        ARSAG Chairman, Chief Operating Officer



Keynote Address                    General Carlton D. Everhart II

                                                        Commander, Air Mobility Command


0850 Welcome to Orlando


                            International Military Status Reports

0855    Introductions Moderator:     Laurent Donnet, Skytech


0910    NATO IS-DI

0920    Australia






1020    EDA

1030    Coffee, Exhibits & Networking         Ballroom A/B

1100    Plenary Session Reconvenes             Ballroom C/D

1100    MCCE

1110    The Netherlands

              Saudi Arabia




              United Kingdom

              Contract Refueling


1210    Luncheon          Ballroom A/B


                  Luncheon Guest Speaker

                   Ronald Johnston, Chief Test Pilot, KC-46, The Boeing Company


1340     Plenary Session Reconvenes      Ballroom C/D

1340     Awards Presentations


1400     Introductions                   Lt Gen John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                            ARSAG Chairman, Chief Operating Officer

               Guest Speaker                 Maj Gen Christian Badia, Commander

                                                            European Air Transport Command

               Guest Speaker                 AIRCDRE Richard Lennon

                                                            Commander, Air Mobility Group, RAAF


                                       US Military Status Reports

1450     Introductions Moderator:               Maj Gen Kenneth D. Lewis

               USN/USMC Updated



               McConnell (USAFR/934 OG)         Col Caroline Evernham, 931 OG/CC

                     KC-46 Bed-down Update

               HF Test Update/Results                 Ron Broden, Rockwell Collins

1525     Q & A

1530     Coffee, Exhibits & Networking     Ballroom A/B

1600     Plenary Session Reconvenes         Ballroom C/D


                                        Safety Reports

1600    US Air Force Safety Reports

                  USAF AMC/SE                                  Lt Col Walt Borja, AMC/SE

                  USAF C-17 SKE

              US Navy/Marine Safety Report

                  USN Safety Center

              International Safety Reports

1640    Q & A

1645    Reports from ARSAG Workshop /

             Joint Standardization Board (JSB)

              for Aerial Refueling Systems            Dexter H. Kalt

                                                                                     ARSAG Executive Director

1655    Introductions                                         Dave Benson, AFLCMC/EZFA,

                                                                                                               JSB Chair

                                                                                   Farhad Choudhury, NAVAIR

                                                                                                        JSB Deputy Chair

1700    Working Group Reports                      Working Group Leads

1725    Q & A

1730    Adjourn

1800    Exhibitors Reception                              Ballroom A/B

 ARSAG 2017 - DAY  2, Wednesday, 26 April

0700    Exhibits Open  Coffee, Networking     Ballroom A/B


0800    Plenary Session Reconvenes                  Ballroom C/D


0800    Introduction                                Lt Gen John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                                      ARSAG Chairman, Chief Operating Officer


Keynote Address                                  Lt Gen Maryanne Miller

                                                                      Commander, AFRC


                                              Operations Panel

0840    Introductions Chair/Moderator:            Col Greg Gilmour

                                                                                        Commander, 315 AW

0845    Beyond MRTT, Expanding Role of         Wg Cdr Simon Blackwell, RAF

              Tankers to Non-Traditional Roles

0855    How Does AMC/A3 Envision the            Col John Lamontagne, AMC/A3

              KC-46 Changing how AMC

              (and CFACCs) Operate Tankers

0905    Capability Assessment and                     Lee Ann Rutledge, AFRL/RQQD

              Modeling for Energy Logistics

0925    Q & A

0930    Coffee, Exhibits & Networking              Ballroom A/B

1000    Plenary Session Reconvenes                  Ballroom C/D


                                               Training Panel

1000    Introductions Chair/Moderator:         Lt Col Al White, AETC 54 ARS/CC

1005    KC-46 Program Update                         Col John Newberry, AFLCMC/WKC

1015    KC-46 Training Status Update             Lt Col Brent Toth, 56 AETC ARS/DO

1025    509th Weapons School Update          Lt Col John Kelly, 509 ARS/CC

1035    Aircrew Training Systems Update      Bruce LaCharite, Flight Safety

1045    Hose Simulation for AAR Training     James Kemmitt, Cobham

1055    Q & A


                                           System Design Panel

1100    Opening Remarks & Session Agenda

                                                   Chair/Moderator:           Tom Cavallaro, NAVAIR

1105    Introduction to the new Cobham                   Colin Slater, Cobham

              Aerial Refuelling Reception Coupling

1120    Technical Solutions through Teaming          Michelle Hunt, USAF

              – KC-46 Aerial Refueling Overlays

1135    KC-46 Boom Axial Load Issue Resolution    Eric Pepple, AFLCMC/WKE

1150    A330 MRTT Boom Automatic Refueling      Juan Cabrera, Airbus

              Development Status

1200    Q & A


1205    Luncheon                                                 Ballroom A/B


1330    Plenary Session Reconvenes              Ballroom C/D


1330    Introduction                                Lt Gen John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                                      ARSAG Chairman, Chief Operating Officer


Keynote Address                                  Lt Gen Lee K. Levy

                                                                      Commander, Air Force Sustainment Center

                                                                     Air Force Materiel Command


                                     Senior Military Panel Discussion

1410     Moderator:                     Lt Gen John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                          ARSAG Chairman, Chief Operating Officer


                                                                        Maj Gen Christian Badia, Commander

                                                                               European Air Transport Command

                                                                        Maj Gen Kenneth D. Lewis

                                                                                Director of Air, Space and

                                                                                Information Operations, USAFR

                                                                        AIRCDRE Richard Lennon

                                                                              Commander, Air Mobility Group, RAAF


1510 Coffee, Exhibits & Networking       Ballroom A/B


1540 Plenary Session Reconvenes           Ballroom C/D


                   Test & Evaluation Panel, Including Clearance Testing

1540    Introductions Chair/Moderator:        Robert Tipton, Lockheed Martin

1545    Embraer KC-390 Status                         Bruce Bunin, Embraer

1600    P-8A Aerial Refueling Initial                Dmitriy Bank, NAVAIR

              Certification Testing

1615    A-330 MRTT Certification &                 Jorge Fuentes, Airbus

              Qualification Activities

1625    A-400M Refueling Activities               Cesar Gonzalez, Airbus

               with Wing Pods & HDU

1635    C-295 Flight Test Activities                  Juan Cabrera, Airbus

               with Aerial Refueling Kit

1645    Utilizing Hazard Focused Evaluation         Jon Packwood, QINETIC

               to Create Efficient AAR Test Programs   Becky Walsh, QINETIC

1700    Q & A

1710    Adjourn for day

Rosen Plaza Hotel



9700 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819



(407) 996-9700



 ARSAG 2017 - DAY  3, Thursday, 27 April

0800    Plenary Session Reconvenes                        Ballroom C/D


0800     Introductions                             Lt Gen John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                                      ARSAG Chairman, Chief Operating Officer

Guest Speaker                                              Maj Gen Lawrence M. Martin, Jr.

                                                                                  Assistant Deputy Under Secretary

                                                                                  of the Air Force International Affairs


                                         Advanced Concepts Panel

0840    Introductions Chair/Moderator:          Farhad Choudhury, NAVAIR

0845    Actively Stabilized Drogue                    Dan Pruzan, Nielson Engineering

                                                                                                                       & Research Div.

0900    Future Hose Concepts                            Calvin Tan, Tom Pryce

                                                                                                               Icon Aerospace

0915    Advanced Technologies Enabling       Mike Feldmann, GE Aviation

              Autonomous Aerial Refueling

0930    Q & A

0935    Introductions                               Lt Gen John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                                       ARSAG Chairman, Chief Operating Officer


Guest Speaker                                        Maj Gen Kenneth D. Lewis, Jr.

                                                                        Director of Air, Space and Information

                                                                        Operations, USAFR


                                   Reliability & Maintainability Panel

0955    Introductions Chair/Moderator:         Gregory Twyford

                                                                                                         The Boeing Company

1000    KC-135R/T and KC-10A Aerial              Scott Lasiter, AFLCMC/WKDA

              Refueling System Status Report

1010    C-130 Pod Guard Upgrade                     Steve Schroeder, Cobham Mission


1020    Boeing’s Optimized Maintenance       Brian McLoughlin,

              Programs                                                                         The Boeing Company

1030    Leveraging the Commercial Model      Dave Dober,

                                                                                               Chromalloy Gas Turbine, LLC

1040    Q & A

1045    Coffee, Exhibits & Networking               Ballroom A/B


1105    Plenary Session Reconvenes                       Ballroom C/D


                                        Industry / Studies & Analysis Panel

1105    Introductions Chair/Moderator:            Tom Swiderek, Omega Air

1110    A330 MRTT 100,000 FH                            Juan Montero, Airbus DS

              in Operation

1120    Commercial Aerial Refueling in              Laurent Donnet, Skytech

              Europe and Beyond

1130    Simulated RVS Refueling                           Steve Hadley, Charles Lloyd

              Performance Research                               and Marc Winterbottom, USAF

1145    Q & A


                                              Interoperability Panel

1150    Opening Remarks, “What is Risk?”

                            Chair/Moderator:                        Maj Victoria Thomas, USAF, JAPCC

1155    Discussion on Risk Assessment,           TBD


1210    Continued Discussion on                        Maj Kees Verberg, RNLAF

              Hampering Issues in Flight Test:

              Furthered Standardization/Cross-Recognition/

              Data Sharing Issues

1225    Guidelines for Tanker AAR                     Javier Parra, INTA

              Compatibility Certification

               from a Military National Authority

               Perspective INTA General Instruction


1240     Discussion on Clearance Request       Dave Benson, AFLCME/EZFA

               TTE & Lessons Learned TBD

1255     Q & A

1300     Plenary Session Wrap-Up, Adjourn


1400     Focus Topic Seminars


                                     - Interoperability Discussions

                        Moderator: Maj. Victoria Thomas, USAF, JAPCC


                                     - Automated Aerial Refueling

                                  Moderators: Ba Nguyen, AFRL/RQ

                                        Steve McLaughlin, NAVAIR


                                          - Aerial Refueling Safety

                  Moderator: Dexter H. Kalt, ARSAG Executive Director


1600    Seminars Adjourn


Sunday, 23 April


0800 – 1400                           Maj Victoria Thomas, USAF/JAPCC


ARSAG Steering Group Meeting

1430 – 1730                          Moderator: Dexter H. Kalt, ARSAG Executive Director


Monday, 24 April

0700   Registration, Check-In, Badging Open           Ballroom Foyer


ARSAG Workshop / JSB Meeting*

0800    Introductions                        Lt Gen John Sams, USAF ret.

                                                             ARSAG Chairman, Chief Operating Officer

0815    Meeting Minutes from                    Dave Benson, AFLCMC/EZFA

              Feb 2017 Meeting Agenda

0830    JAPCC/NATO Report                        Lt Col Edwin Markie, JAPCC

0845    ARSAG Workshop Review               Dex Kalt, ARSAG Executive Director

0900    Working Group In-Briefs                Working Group Leads

                                                                              WG 1 Eric Pepple, AFLCMC/WKE

                                                                               WG 2 Tom Cavallaro, NAVAIR

                                                                                WG 3 John Luu, AFLCMC/WKE

                                                                                WG 4 Nick Dicandia, Lockheed Martin

                                                                                WG 5 Tom Swiderek, Omega Air

                                                                                 WG 5a Steve McLaughlin, NAVAIR

                                                                                  WG 6 Rob Tipton, Lockheed Martin

0915    Working Groups Convene

1200    Lunch

1300    Working Groups Re-Convene

1545    Working Group Out-Briefs Working Group Leads

1625    Wrap-Up Dexter H. Kalt, ARSAG Executive Director

1630    Adjourn


        *ARSAG Workshops are open to military/government and industry

                            representatives of NATO nations and Australia.


Briefers and Panel Chairs Meeting

Ballroom C/D

1715 – 1730     Instructions / Speakers’ Information Dissemination Form

1730 – 1830     All Presenters Submit Electronic Copy of Briefing


Thursday, 27 April

1400                    Meeting Hosted by Tanker Program Executive Office

                              Moderator: tbd

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