S c o p e :

The Aerial Refueling Systems Advisory Group (ARSAG) is a joint military-industry professional organization formed to provide a single inter-service and international agency to advise on aerial refueling system matters. It will serve as a coordinating/advisory body for the resolution of existing deficiencies in tanker and receiver aerial refueling systems and for the development and implementation of improvements to these systems. All efforts of this group are to assist engineering, development, testing, support and operating agencies. The group will not usurp the authority of any of these agencies, organizations or countries.


A u t h o r i t y :

Approval of this charter will be the authority for the formation and operation of the Aerial Refueling Systems Advisory Group. ARSAG is formally chartered by the Department of Defense as the DOD Joint Standardization Board (JSB) for Aerial Refueling Systems as prescribed by DOD 4140.24-M.


O b j e c t i v e :

To influence achievement of the most favorable balance of performance and cost in aerial refueling systems, resulting in the highest degree of compatibility,

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